iC consulenten offers the following services in the area of transport consulting:

  • Prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, conceptual solutions for port and harbor infrastructure facilities
  • Project supervision coordination and management
  • Transport planning and designing in ports and waterborne transport
  • Analiza robnih tokova u vodnom transportu i lukama.
  • Cargo flow analyses in waterborne transport and ports
  • Transport forecasting in waterborne transport and ports
  • Master plans for ports and waterborne transport
  • Technological design and optimization of port capacities
  • Plans and programmes of port activities for port operators
  • Reengineering of port and transport operations
  • Elaboration of port safety plans
  • Designing of models for port management and operations
  • Concessions and Public – Private Partnership models in ports, tariff models for ports
  • Planning and development of logistic zones and multimodal terminals in ports