iC consulenten d.o.o.

innovative | integrative | international

From the first days of existence, based on a number of successfully implemented projects, iC consulenten d.o.o. has gained the title of a preferable and reliable partner in the field of engineering consulting services in Serbia and Southeast Europe.

As a member of iC group (www.ic-group) which includes 20 companies from 12 countries, iC consulenten d.o.o. has the capacity to provide comprehensive engineering consulting, as well as a unique, modern and complete technical solutions from several areas of engineering activities.

Integration of top international and national experts in various fields of expertise is the most important value of our company and iC group as a whole. iC consulenten d.o.o. has the capability for a multidisciplinary point of view of all engineering problems and to offer innovative solutions for even the most demanding engineering problems today.

Consulting services of iC combines engineering, contractual, economic, financial and environmental aspects of the projects.

Areas of expertise of iC consulenten d.o.o. Throughout the cooperation with iC Group are building construction, energy, geology and geotechnical engineering, transportation and logistics, tunnels, hydrography and hydraulic engineering, protection and improvement of the environment.