From the mid 2013 iC consulenten d.o.o. expanded its services to the field of geodesy and bathymetric survey by purchasing a Wide Swath Interferometric echosounder Geoswath Plus (multibeam echosounder), produced by Kongsberg GeoAcoustics.

Many projects of bathymetric survey were successfully done both in Serbia and abroad in the wider Central and Eastern Europe region, until today.

Services of bathymetric survey include the preparation of survey, data acquisition, data processing and creation of detail terrain models. Survey data can be delivered in a number of desired formats to enable their further use by various GIS tools and CAD softwares.

Equipment for bathymetric survey is designed to operate in shallow and medium depth waters up to 100m and therefore is mounted on the boat with shallow draft. Vessel draft is 45cm, and the echo sonar transducer is immersed to a depth of 100cm. Such a configuration allows performing of bathymetric survey in different weather conditions and at low water levels. Wide measuring angle of 240 ° allows great coverage and makes this equipment configuration as an ideal choice for bathymetric measurements in shallow waters.

Geoswath Plus has found its place in almost all of the world’s leading institutions dealing with bathymetric surveys as the ideal solution for work in shallow waters (rivers, canals, lakes …).